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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Opening day Duck plucking with the 35 year old GordRay plucker

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Woody getting Plucked 2014

Pick up your own electric motor

The Hard Parts Done!!!    Attach the Gordray plucker Head to any 1/2" electric motor shaft 1200-1700RPM get one from a salvage yard, an old dryer or furnace motor works great! we mounted ours to a board and put a switch on it, then with C clamps attached to a stool or any other stand or table
Watch the feathers FLY!!

The GordRay Duck Plucker in Action

Plucking in less then 2min

Best Plucker of Ducks ever

Don't wast your ducks by breasting them  The GordRay Plucker is the best working plucker out there
We have been using this design for 30+ Years  proven!   Now we would like to share what we have taken for granted.

See the Duck Plucker in action here